Waste of time

I signed an agreement with Robert Cocco of Philadelphia to pursue a simple case against a creditor. He came across as natural at first but after receiving my signed contract he began acting fishy and something did not sit right with me. He told me he needed me to keep sending letters and notices and then lost many of the responses. At one point he suddenly filed a federal lawsuit demanding unspecified damages. About 2 weeks later he suddenly changed his mind and told me there was an error and he should dismiss one of the defendents. When pressed as to why and what laws he wasn’t sure of, Robert Cocco responded that there would be severe sanctions and counterclaims. He also recommended another attorney for if they sued me! He then told me he would dismiss the second party. Another few days went by and I found out indirectly he dismissed the entire case and ran away.

Robert Cocco is one of the most ineffective, unprofessional lawyers I have ever met. He is too unprofessional and tends to waste everyone’s time – including the federal judges and court.


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